Professional Drylining Solutions

Drylining offers an efficient way to achieve a smooth surface by adding coverage to a wall with a secondary layer of plasterboard substitute.

At MCS Interiors, we work with out clients to achieve their wide array of technical requirements by providing effective drylining solutions.

Office Drylining Solutions

MCS Innovation

MCS has developed its own robust free standing drylined ‘pod’ system allowing for clients to incorporate an independent safe structure within working and, at times, hostile environments.

Innovative Drylining Solutions

Jumbo Stud Walls

A cost effective and versatile solution to help divide up large spaces such as warehouses or industrial units whilst providing acoustics, moisture, impact, thermal and fire resistant characteristics.

Jumbo Stud Wall Drylining

Jumbo Stud Wall Drylining

Security Walls

At MCS Interiors, we provide various levels of security solutions primarily in the retail and commercial sectors, enhancing our clients security and safety.

Drylining Security Walls

Fire Rated Walls

Fire rated technical solutions including specialist shaft wall solutions. Our expert team can install technical solutions in 30 minutes to 4 hours depnding on your requirements.

Fire Rated Drylining Solutions

Beam & Column Encasements

By using a variety of specialist materials we can offer a range of finishes from fire ratings through to aesthetic finishes help transform your space.

Beam Encasements Drylining

Beam Encasements Drylining

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