Fire Protection Solutions

Fire protection works are an esstential part of any installation or refurbishment project. At MCS Interiors we can offer a range of fire protection works to suit your building and working environment.

At the beginning of 2022, MCS became accredited installers of service penetration and linear gap seals for fire protection works, through the IFC Group certification scheme.

In July 2022, MCS went on the achieve additional certification for fire rated stud partition walls. This means that MCS’s installations, installers and internal systems were successfully audited by IFC, and they will continue to carry out surveillance and audits to ensure MCS’s high standards of service are maintained.

As of September 2023, the Company are also accredited installers of fire rated boards for protection of structural steel or soffits’.

Fire protection partition walls

Fire protection works by  MCS Interiors
Fire protection works pipe insultation